Tea Machine HOT & COLD


A tea dispenser for hot and cold drinks from a single machine makes separate dispensers for cold and hot drinks become a thing of the past! Available for many of our models. Either by touching the screen (JUICI Models) or by pressing a pre-selection button (JDM models), the customer can select between a hot or cold drink at any time1 Depending on the model, 2-6 drinks and cooled or hot water are possible – including all the advantages of the many different models. This creates entirely-new possibilities for modern and quick beverage supply for breakfast, offices, cafeterias etc. all year round.

Tea... hot & cold



Maintenance-free dry cooling and powerful, insulated boiler with 2.3 kW heating output for consistent temperatures and high dispensing capacity, including modern and precise heat control and monitoring. This makes it possible to dispense a cold drink again immediately after dispensing a hot drink or vice versa. This combination is ideal for the whole year. High energy efficiency thanks to double sensor technology (water inlet and boiler outlet), LED-illuminated dispensing area with changing colours from blue = cold to red = hot drinks.

LED blue for cold drinks  LED red for hot drinks



FRUCTOMAT SPECIAL: JUICI MAGIC! Yes, it is a kind of magic….

Worlds first combined JUICE & TEA dispenser with both beverage selections in one option! From 2 up to 4 JUICES and 2 up to 4 MAGIC TEA (6 flavours max. in total).
100% real natural tea, sugar free with vitamins and zinc. For health protection and increased power of body’s resistance!
6 Tea varieties: Ceylon black tea, Assam Black Tea, Herbal Tea, Rooibos Fit & Fruits, Peppermint Tea and Green tea lemongrass!


"Hot and cold drinks from one machine - ideal for the entire year!"

HotCold ideal for the whole year



Available for the following models:

  • JDM 2/4
  • JDM SLIM 2/4
  • JDM WM 2/4
  • JDM CT 4/6
  • JDM ID 4/5
  • JUICI CT 4/6
  • JUICI ID 4/6


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