Beverage Dispenser V-MAX

vending vmax


Modern and sleek, the perfect complement for existing coffee machines. Cold drinks with minimum effort for transport and re-filling – just 1 trip for hot and cold drinks! Fully-automatic cleaning eases the workload on the filling personnel.

Therefore, an important point is the enormous decrease in costs along with the 80% energy savings compared to bottle/can vending machines, because only the quantity required for the desired drink is cooled thanks to efficient dry cooling. Flexibility is fully given: usable as a fruit juice vending machine, soft drink vending machine, functional drink vending machine or iced tea vending machine and much more... The optional image can be used as a “bulletin board”, making it the number 1 place to go.


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V-MAX - Features

  • Automatic vending machine with high capacity for drinks, can be used as automatic juice vending machine, soft drinks machine for cola, energy drinks, etc. or as Froody, the better BIO iced tea with low sugar content and real fruit juice!

  • Solid construction, timeless and stylish in design, with up to 700 cups fully automatic dispensing, electronic cup sensor with cup discount for waste reduction. If the cup is reused or if the customer uses their own container
    (cup, sports bottle, etc.) then a discount is deducted automatically. Surcharge for cup and discount can be programmed individually!

  • Fully automatic empty reporting, contactless – your customers receive a drink, are invited to make a 2nd choice or receive their money back.

  • Simple refilling – 3, 5 or 10 litre concentrate cartons saving up to 95% (!) of the logistics, transport and storage costs as well as your employees‘ valuable time!

  • A compelling argument for any installation: Up to 80% lower energy costs when compared with similar bottle/can vending machines or fridges.

  • No discussion over deposits on bottles/cans, no discussion over empty packs, no capacity problems in summer or with longer filling intervals.