Beverage Dispenser JDM WM 2 & WM 4

Mirror, mirror on the wall


jdm wm2

Beverage Dispenser JDM WM 2

Our wall mounting model JDM WM 2 convinces through its size and unbeatable features: mounted slim on the wall, space for 2x10 litre bag-in-box in the machine, robust stainless-steel housing and much more...





 The following models are available:

  • JDM WM 2 ECO
  • JDM WM 2 still (mit Kunden-Infoanzeige)
  • JDM WM 2 CO2 (mit Kundeninfoanzeige und SODAWASSER)
  • JDM WM 2 hot&cold


jdm wm4


Beverage Dispenser JDM WM 4

Our wall model is directly mounted on the wall and provides now storage space for 4x10 litre concentrate cartons + chilled water. Not only has the beverage dispenser an unbeatable, slim design, but also cleans automatically after every dispense for improved hygiene and has an easy handling. Fully electronic control (dosage & output quantities), premium, robust materials and much more…




Available in the following versions:

  • JDM WM 4 ECO
  • JDM WM 4 STILL (mit Kunden-Infoanzeige)
  • JDM WM 4 hot & cold


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