Beverage Dispenser JDM 2




Small and gigantic at the same time – capacity of 120 litres of finished drinks (at a 1+19 concentrate)! Device has room for 2x3 litre concentrate (large cartons in base cabinet possible). The cooling capacity, flexibility and operation are given like in the larger models. Whether it’s uncarbonated or with CO2, hot or cold, free sale or with a payment system including an accounting function – there’s nothing to keep you from realizing your wishes!


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JDM 2 - Features

  • JDM 2 ECO (without LCD display) – The buffet specialist for 2 cooled juices and clear water!

  • Simple and reliable, quick adjustment of dosage settings via rotary control, can be programmed for PULSE or FIXED QUANTITY, juice shut-off (e.g. after breakfast) - can be set to dispense only cooled water. Automatic cleaning! Dispensing area with LED illumination and robust, attractive stainless steel buttons for simple and clear selection.

  • JDM 2 STILL und JDM 2 CO2 – The small, professional drink dispensers for a great variety of applications. Breakfast buffet, office or canteen - with free dispensing or coin-operated (optional), with customer info display for clear operation, display of sales figures and bookkeeping, etc.