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FRUCTOMAT - a worldwide success in more than 25 countries!

Thousands of machines sold, millions of delicious drinks made!


Small can be so big

With the very new and revolutionary beverage system FRUCTOMAT the high and pointless efforts for transport, warehouse capacity and staff are things of the past. FRUCTOMAT is the drink dispensing system on the POS (point of sale) and prepares by pressing a button the selected drink made of concentrate and fresh water. The quality of drink can be 100 % fruit juice, softdrink, organic-nectar, juicedrink, tea or isotonic drink according to the requirements of the customer.

In just the last several years, FRUCTOMAT has been welcomed into more than 25 countries around the world and established itself as the leading alternative to traditional vending units. A sensation in Europe, FRUCTOMAT has sold several thousand machines and satisfied countless customers. Now, you too can share the healthful benefits of the 21st Century’s most advanced fruit drink machines.

FRUCTOMAT is now also available in the U.S., Canada and Mexico!


The comparison gives you certainty, why you should decide on one of our various FRUCTOMATS:

  • Up to 8 times longer refilling intervals in comparison to conventional bottle- or can vending machines!
  • Up to 8 times higher margins in comparison to conventional bottle- or can vending machines.
  • By far lower stock keeping costs due to the use of an uncomplicated "Bag in Box - System"!
  • Minimum maintenance and repairment efforts due to the use of high quality parts inside our FRUCTOMATS and nearly no mechanical parts!
  • Minimum sanitation efforts and highest hygiene in drink preparation thanks to our patented "MidMix - System"!
  • Massive energy consumption savings, as we only cool the amount of water needed for a drink preparation!
  • Easy usability, including a fully electronical programing, as well as a full bokkeeping included!
  • More than 15 different fruit juice flavours without any sugar attached and enriched with essential vitamins & minerals!

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